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We serve the 30 million motion-disabled that are marginalized by the challenges they face using touchscreen devices. Arnoldware combines the power of an Android accessibility service with a custom stylus to offer greater lifestyle independence, increased access to employment, and enhanced digital experiences to those we serve. We want everyone to have the independence that mobile devices can offer.

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Our integrated software and hardware brings precise control and interaction with touchscreen devices while preventing unwanted touchscreen gestures that allows our users to pursue their digital passions. The Access system does not require the precise and difficult timing that is common among existing accessibility products.

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Unlike voice recognition for touchscreen navigation that exposes those with disabilities in public settings (making them potentially vulnerable to privacy loss and identity theft), our product does not require users to speak. The Parkinson's Disease Foundation estimates that 90% of those diagnosed with Parkinson's will develop speech problems because the neuromuscular disabilities that degrade hand motion also impair speech.

mobile Icon Keep Your Device

Using our Access stylus, our users can keep the device1 they love! We designed the Access Stylus and its companion software to work with prexisting touchscreens, applications and devices. We know our users have greatness in them, so we designed our software and hardware to allow our users to focus on the task at hand and not be distracted by the complexities of modern touch screen devices.

heart Icon Buy One/Give One

We want everyone that needs our product to be able to enjoy its benefits! Purchasers of the Access Stylus will have the ability to donate their purchase to a person they choose or a partnering organization that assists those with motion-disabilities purchase accessibility devices.

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The Access stylus started as a way for Mark Arnold's wife, Karolyn, to be able to read the newpaper on her tablet. Leveraging his decades of hardware and software experience, Mark built a team with a simple mission of allowing everyone to have access to the wonders of the 21st century. We see the Access Stylus as the first step of making technology accessible to those who are traditionally forgotten by the tech industry.