The Access Stylus

The Access Stylus is the first of its kind, using a custom hardware and software approach to solve the frustrating experience that millions of motion disabled encounter every day which hampers their ability to use a touchscreen.

The Access Stylus allows a motion-disabled user to select/activate apps; enter and select text; dial phone numbers; scroll, magnify and rotate the view; manipulate images and do anything that a non-disabled user can do on a touchscreen. Arnoldware's specialized software appears as a translucent layer on top of the underlying operating system, preventing inadvertent gestures from causing unintended and unwanted actions, allowing users to harness the power and independence that touchscreen devices provide. The Access system does not require the precise and difficult timing that is common among existing accessibility products. Other accessibility options such voice recognition exposes those with disabilities in public settings (making them potentially vulnerable to privacy loss and identity theft), the Access Stylus with its companion software does not require users to speak.

Purchasers of the Access Stylus will have the option to donate their purchase to a person with motion disabilities and 10% of sales will be donated to motion disabilities organizations.

About Arnoldware

Arnoldware is located at the Wyoming Technology Business Center in Laramie, Wyoming. Arnoldware's goal is to develop and commercialize a new, innovative accessory that enables motion-disabled users (with a disability that affects the control and stabilization of their arms or hands) to easily and accurately operate touchscreen devices such as smart phones and tablets. Arnoldware began as labor of love for founder Mark Arnold for his wife Karolyn to continue reading the books and magazines she cherished in a world where touchscreen technology is rapidly overtaking printed media. Frusturated by existing mobile device assitive solutions, Mark leverages his decades of expertise in software and hardware to work on a novel solution to help those in a market that is often ignored by major companies.

Our Team

Mark and Karolyn Arnold

CTO/Co-founder Mark Arnold and Co-founder Karolyn Arnold

Corey Johnson

Lead Software Developer and Head of Marketing

Austin Morgan

Lead Electrical Engineer

Press Resources

Press Kit - Contains Arnoldware logos, software screenshots, and stylus photos.

Press Release - Access Stylus Press Release.

Press Contact - Corey Johnson at 307-314-2073 and